Magento v Other Platforms


I am a MBA student doing a research project on B2B eCommerce platforms at a mid-enterprise scale. Specifically, I am looking at various platforms and their ability to host a marketplace with >1M SKUs and various sellers on the marketplace. I have been trying to compare the functionalities of Magento to others and would love for the community’s insight. I have a list of categories for comparing the solutions and would appreciate any detail or a rating of High, Medium, Low, No support.

  1. Primary User bases & Scenarios (SSO/New users/New locations)
  2. Integrated Product & Service Requisitioning (Split shipments/Ad hoc shipping/Inventory Visibilty)
  3. Simplified Sourcing (RFx, Auction, BOM capabilities)
  4. Integrated Supplier Portal (Onboarding/Registration)
  5. Flexible Analytics & Reporting (Ad hoc & out of the box)
  6. Configurable integration across ERPs/WIMS systems
  7. Integrated Catalogs: Federated Search & Multi-SKU (Punchout/Hosted Catalogs/Non-Catalog Reqs)
  8. Issue Tracking and Supplier Scorecards
  9. Flexible Billing and Payment
  10. Notification and Message Capability
  11. Collaboration and Online Support
  12. Avg Go-Live Time
  13. Differentiator
  14. Pricing Model
  15. International

Thanks for any and all insight!!

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