Multivendors different shipping prices per product per vendor

Hi reddit, I need your help

We are currenlty making a marketplace (where using the webkul extension AFAIK), but I’m in quite a bad situation.

We would like that Each vendor should be able to add multiple shipping methods (for instance “Express” and “Standard”, or just “Transporter” if it’s a big package) and to specify their prices FOR EACH product. We would like things as follow :

Vendor A :
Product A1 : Express is 4.99, Standard is 2.99
Product A2 : Transporter is 11.99

Vendor B :
Product B1 : Transporter is 10.99
Product B2 : Express is 2, Standard is 1.20

I contacted webkul and the answer was “Sir, it’s limiting one price one product.”

I’m not quite sure they quite understood what was my problem, so I hope you guys would have more experience ni this subject and could lead me towards the best solution

Thanks in advance for your future help !

Have a nice day !

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