My Magento 2.3 experience. Is there any hope?


I work for a company that wanted to upgrade our eCommerce platform from opencart to magento because of all the community support for the platform. Because none of us had much experience with magento we hired a local company to setup the new magento website for us.

After about 3 months we got the site and everything looked good so we imported our product and category structure which has around 30k products and around 200 attributes and about 50 categories. After this import the site crawled to a stop. Category pages take 40+ seconds to load and product pages can take up to 120 seconds.

We went back to the developers which told us we just needed to put the site in production mode and turn on varnish cache. With those changes a cached page will load just fine however with so many products and such long load times it seems impossible to keep the whole site cached without overloading my server with page requests.

Our original developers are completely unwilling to help us with this problem and we have hired 2 other Magento 2 “experts” who were able to make some progress but have come to the conclusion that only a complete rewrite of the theme will get us to where we want to be.

I guess posting here is just a kind of last ditch effort to see if anyone knows of somewhere I can go for help with this problem. I have already tried everything that is suggested in probably every magento 2 speed optimization blog I could find. I have tried flat product tables, redis cache, memcache among many other site configuration changes to try and optimize the speed. Also I am on a computer with 16 gigs of ram and 500 gig ssd with 8 cores.

Sorry for the long post and thank you for any suggestions.

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