New customer group for tax exempt organizations, products won’t show unless re-saved individually?

Hey all! I work for a small business that uses Magento. None of us REALLY knows how to use it though, to be honest, so I try and learn as much as possible but I am feeling stumped on this.

We created a new tax group for tax exempt organizations (in our case churches and schools). I then created a customer group for that, and added my “tester profile” as a customer to it. When I log into tester, NO products show. It just says ” We can’t find products matching the selection.”

But then I went in to the most recent product I loaded, literally changed nothing, and just hit save, and lo and behold now my tester can see that product, and that product only. I tried on another, and now it can see two products.

We have over 30,000 products. There HAS to be a quicker way than going in to each product and hitting save. I tried clicking several and doing “update attributes” and clicking save, but that didn’t work.

Can anyone help me, the complete Magento failure? .-.

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