New to Magento- question about shopping carts and sub-domains

Hi folks, thanks in advance for anything you can share here. I have a question from our marketing team about what’s possible with Magento. Before I start my Googling journey to answer this, I thought I’d check in here to see if anyone has insight.

We have a single Magento instance under a single domain name to facilitate a unified shopping cart. While we two have multiple brands, you can add a product from brand A and a different product from brand B into your cart for a unified experience. Our marketing team is having an issue with this because they can’t get the SEO targeting for each brand that they’d like. So, the question is can you run multiple domains on top of a single Magento instance (for the SEO, so I imagine there would be dynamic SEO fields in the page depending on brand hostname/domain) but still have a unified shopping cart?


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