Not sure where to start. Tips?

I inherited a project that is using the enterprise edition of Magento 2. I have managed to get the project up and running, and now I’m trying to wrap my head around all this.

I come from a Drupal background, where modules extend core functionality, and there’s a theme layer that is generated on the fly. If I am understanding correctly, you have to run a command to “deploy” the code to another directory in your Magento install?

Needless to say, it’s all quite new and I’m needing to get things like the enterprise edition updated to the latest release, and update the modules/extentions/whatever they’re called ASAP.

What’s the best place to start digging in? With the different versions of Magento, and being pretty new to this, I’m a little overwhelmed. But, it seems like the community is pretty nice, and I like that lot.

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