Open to Magento 2 After Rough Magento 1 Experiences

I am a developer. I’ve worked with many ecommerce platforms over the years. I have a large store coming up, but I’m debating which platform to go with. I don’t have an ecommerce platform I’m particularly partial to at the moment. Shopify and Big Commerce are ok. I had some rough experiences many years ago with Magento 1, self-hosted. So I’m curious, is Magento 2 that much better? Are Magento 2 developers enjoying their experiences? Or at least, not hating it. Especially with regards to the PaaS option for Magento 2 Cloud (or what ever it is called).

It’s a vague question that can only be answered by opinions, I know. But I figured this might be the best place to get some honest opinions from people that use it on a regular basis.

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