Our Magento Open Source 2.4.6-p3 hosts more than 320 million digital products (Company pages, similar to this page https://opencorporates.com/companies/us_ca/201600210003) and currently hosted on dedicated cloud server with 32 CPUs and 128GB RAM dedicated cloud server which costs Euro 229 per month.

We need more RAM as Elasticsearch is a RAM hungry application and we need at least 200 GB of RAM to smoothly run the website. We are looking for more affordable server as we are a startup with no funding and we are currently paying out of our pocket. Here are the basic requirements:

  • CPU: At least 20 cores with 2.2ghz on modern CPU architecture
  • Memory: 256GB
  • Disk: 512GB SSD or NVMe (resizable) for the Magento and 3TB SSD (server or volume storage) to host the database
  • Network: At least 1 GB input/output Ethernet with a fiber (low latency) Internet connection, ideally redundant connections
  • Location: Anywhere as we have customers throughout the world

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