Magento Site to new host


Bit of a newbie Magento question here.

I’ve taken on a new e-commerce client, who wants me to take over day to day tasks on their Magento site.

This is my first time working in Magento, though I have many years experience in other ecomm platforms.

The client wants me to set up their Magento site on a new host, update it to the latest version (as they’re currently on a version which is no longer supported (I believe it’s 2.2.x) and to install a new theme.

Basically, my question is what’s the recommended way for transferring a Magento site to a new server.

The two ways I can think of are:

  1. Do a fresh installation of Magento on the new host and export/import the product data and order history over (I assume there’s either a built in way to do this or a plugin)
  2. Basically zip the full site + database and upload it to the to the new new host, then update any hardcoded IP configs, etc.

Any recommendations would be appreciated and I look forward to becoming a regular on this sub as I’m sure I’ll have plenty of other questions along the way!

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Fixing Above-The-Fold Content Problems?

Running 2.4 as a reference. I’ve had several audits run on my site from time to time whether I was operating with 1.9 or 2.x and they keep bringing up, “above-the-fold content”. They say “the most important content SHOULD be above the fold. Apparently mine isn’t. Apparently it’s a huge deal.

Excuse my ignorance.

  1. What does this mean?
  2. Is there a way to check if this is STILL a problem today by scanning a page/url for content below or above “the fold”?
  3. How is it fixed/corrected?

Does it typically just affect homepage’s only? All pages?

This is a problem as I’m told but I can’t get clear advice on how to resolve it without paying the company a fortune to fix the problem. Is it a big fix that requires a ton of work and a deep understanding of Magento?


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Need help on CSV imports

Hello everyone,

Before you yell at me, I’m a noob (student in marketing) and magento is not something Im familiar with. I have looked at the documentation but I’m a little confused. I have a product export sheets that only showed me “sku,msr_price” and made my changes to the msrp_price.

The thing is, will this import correctly? the sample data imports had a lot of stuff in the row of attributes. My export came out to basically nothing but sku, and msrp_price. When I reimport this data, will it delete the data that I didn’t specify in the attribute rows?

Please help. Thank you.

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What type of magento developers are in this sub?

So, I am an employee for a mid-sized Onlineshop and currently the only developer for it (besides a colleague, who does the design with our theme).
I developed around 20 small and middle sized extensions for our shop. I am asking myself, what kind of developers are here? I presume, my position is quite rare and most of you are either self-employed and going from project to project or are working for an agency to develop?

Also, I am interested in your workflow – since I had to setup one on my own – including version control, develop/production environment, composer, docker etc.

Maybe we can learn some tricks from each other.
Looking forward to hear your answers.

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Things agencies don’t say about PWAs

I recently read an article on Smashing Magazine written by a Magento agency CTO. It tries to pitch the seemingly overwhelming advantages of building one’s store as a PWA.

The writing commits a number of sins, from unsourced claims* to taking sources out of context†. But more importantly, the article tiptoes around all the downsides to choosing a PWA route.

First, here’s what the article lists as possible cons:

  • It may require a lot of programming
  • The codebase may become quite large or complex, impeding customization or documentation attempts

But, ultimately, the article finds that choosing to build your site as a PWA is “undoubtedly worth it. It’ll bring many benefits in the long run as well as show results straight off.”

This reads like the empty sales speak I’d hear from Magento/Adobe as they pitched the concept of “PWA” to clients.

There’s no way that a PWA is always worth it. There are significant downsides that should be considered.

Here are things agencies don’t say about PWAs:

  1. Every article about PWAs has “Performance” in big letters. Spoiler: “fast” is not a requirement for something to be a PWA. Agencies only mention this as your site is so slow that just about anything would speed it up. Spoiler 2: getting great frontend times on your existing store is a budget a fraction of the size (and headache) of a rewrite.

    Between you and me, the idea of going to a custom, headless implementation for the sake of fast frontend times could only have come from someone in the business of selling M2 sites.

  2. You, as a store owner, will probably be hiring an outside agency to build this PWA. What they produce will be unique and niche, which will probably mean that agency is sticking around as support. That uniqueness will also make switching away from that agency challenging. Hope you like them! (The agency prefers it this way, of course.)

  3. Magento releases large, complex, poorly documented, and critically important patches all. the. time. These are hard enough to apply for sites that are mostly out of box. Good luck finding a contractor who can puzzle out your PWA’s wacky GraphQL usage when your site goes down.

  4. If your site host provides any technical support to your M2 instance, you will almost certainly lose it when you move to this custom PWA. Good luck explaining to Commerce Cloud support why reproducing on Luma isn’t sufficient…

  5. The article also positions PWAs as a competitor to native apps. PWAs aren’t findable through mobile storefronts. Are you prepared to sacrifice that entire market? I wouldn’t be: most users are unaware that you can even save sites on iOS.

  6. Do your demographics even need offline access? This is a tentpole feature for PWAs. But your users might not even use it if they’re primarily on fast networks and new phones.

  7. Every released Magento PWA solution/toolkit/theme is new (or in beta) and sees backwards-incompatible changes fairly regularly. Worth bearing in mind. (And typically bad documentation!)

PWAs can make total sense for a business. Sites whose visitors frequently have poor internet (and are on Android) are good examples.

…But, instead, PWAs are getting pitched to store owners whose sites just have terrible performance… owners who have been dinged by Google for their CRuX scores, and now want to speed it up. Personally: if your agency says you can’t speed up your site’s front end without a rebuild, get a second opinon.

* “Because the focus is put on mobile-first, customers become happier with their browsing experience” – happier relative to what? Non-PWA sites? How much happier?

† “Consider this… ‘With every additional loading second, the conversion rate drops by almost 4.5%'” – the full text of that quote is “…with each additional second of load time (between seconds 0-5)”.

After those 5 seconds, the drop-off rate is halved.

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Can you recommend any Software tools for Sanitising supplier product data before import into Magento?

Hi, we have a huge range of data quality from our suppliers and we often have to run loads of data cleansing processes to make them suitable for use in our store.

Typically we will be correcting spelling mistakes, trimming leading or trailing spaces, getting rid of weird characters, re-mapping supplier values to the best match in our attribute values or exploding a product name so we can extract attribute values. Most of these processes are fairly easy to define, some are way more complex, and many of the processes are similar across suppliers and data sets. Because of the size of the data sets and the quantity of the operations needed for each, it’s way beyond what is sensible for using Excel and other basic data tools and it’s unmanageable.

Are any of you aware of any software toolkits that we could use to create and manage these big data sanitising jobs in a better way?

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Move sub-category, generate URL redirects for all products

My website:

I want to move the category /socks to under /misc, so it will be /misc/socks.

URLs for all the products will change from /socks/black-silk-socks.html to /misc/socks/black-silk-socks.html. So all links from other sites that were going to /socks/black-silk-socks.html will break.

How do I create URL redirects for /socks/black-silk-socks.html to go to /misc/socks/black-silk-socks.html for hundreds of products?

Is there an extension that can manage moving the category and automatically create the redirects?

If not, could I use SQL and insert all these redirects into the Magento url redirect table?

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