M2: Guest checkout convert to FULL everything lost

Seems to me like 90% of customers on my cart using M2 checkout as a guest. That’s fine. Immediately after ordering they have the option to create an account. Most don’t. The issue is every email they get says “You can check the status of your order by logging into your account.” So they click the link but they have no account. They create one. The guest sales won’t transfer over, so once they log in it says NO ORDERS FOUND.

Not sure how to resolve this? Do I simply remove all text in emails, on the site, etc encouraging people from LOGGING IN to check the order status (only providing email alerts) or is there some way to let people track an order with complete details, without logging in? I’ve tried the url at /trackorder/index/view/ but even there once you confirm the order# and email it says for COMPLETE DETAILS, you need to log in.

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Is a cache warmer worth it?

I have been doing some site speed testing on my site using gtmetrix. The first time I do it is normally pretty slow, but after a few times I see drastic improvements and I figure that is because it is getting cached somewhere. Will something like a cache warmer like- https://amasty.com/full-page-cache-warmer-for-magento-2.html or https://mirasvit.com/magento-2-extensions/full-page-cache-warmer.html give me that same time of performance increase?

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Added new theme but old theme styles still showing, help!

I’ve created a new theme, changed the configuration settings to the new theme.

Added the new theme in the local themes folder, seems to be working when I run grunt commands.

When I inspect to see where the styles are coming from its still showing as the old theme in pub static files.

Im in developer mode also.

Can anyone help at all, its getting very stressful!

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M1 to Shopify. How much of a google traffic drop?

hey all, we are thinking of going to shopify and are wondering how much of a organic traffic lose if any we will face. Is it guaranteed to happen or not really? We interviewed an agency and they said it will drop but after 2 months it goes back up to normal. Wondering from your real experiences migrating to shopify.

Are there any tips so there isnt a traffic drop?

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Make a block class a singleton

Hello guys,

I’m doing the following thing in my frontend layout

<block class="VendorModuleBlockCategoryMyCustomBlock" name="tpl1" ... /> <block class="VendorModuleBlockCategoryMyCustomBlock" name="tpl2" ... /> 

In this class I have a function doing things. I add a variable to this function for performance optimisation. As such :

if ($this->myVar === null) { [stuff...] $this->myVar = 'ok'; } return $this->myVar; 

Sadly I will enter twice in the if condition because Magento instantiates my class twice.

It is normal behaviour though.

Any idea to make my class a singleton or something like that.

Thank you in advance 😉

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Where is the markup of account navigation template?

I’m working in a bootstrap template in magento and my menu contains an ul markup for the user menu navigation, i want change the markup for this sections to a div container but i can’t find the template file.

In my layout file default.xml i have

<block class=”MagentoCustomerBlockAccountNavigation” name=”top.links”> <arguments> <argument name=”css_class” xsi:type=”string”>header links</argument> </arguments> </block>

But i can’t find where is the markup in my template folder “Freego”

Best regards

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