Magento Extension Submission Issue

We’ve been trying to submit an extension for Magento 2 for almost 6 months now. We’ve already passed the technical review but we keep on failing the marketing review.

For context, we’re trying to submit an extension that adds additional payment methods for merchants to offer their customers. It is basically an integration with a payment service provider.

The marketing review keeps on flagging us on the Long Description field of the extension submission. However, even though we already followed every inch of the guidelines that was included in their canned feedback, we keep on getting denied and we keep on getting the same feedback without actually pointing exactly what the issue with our extension’s long description is.

This is the feedback we got from the Magento marketing review:

It’s the same feedback we’ve been receiving for the 5th time in a row now and we still don’t know what to change.

Any ideas?

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I need help

guys I’m a site designer and I’m a newbie at magento working for a client that insisted on using it. The thing is whatever change I make to the pages it doesn’t show it still goes with the default settings and every page is the same.

I have the olegnax-athlete theme but it still doesn’t show any changes. I clear the cache data I tried changing the home page but anything I do, the results are the same.

Any help is very welcomed 😏

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Need your help! Problem with UPS Rate response

Using Magento for over three years on dedicated server, suddenly getting UPS rates from becomes very slow or sometimes impossible! same with charging response through looks like reading xml’s are very slow or something? Getting rates with USPS is fine and fast.

Please help!

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Magento 2.3.6 All emails stopped working even though Magento says it’s being sent successfully

I’m running Magento 2.3.6 with PHP version 7.3 and recently my Magento emails have all stopped working. I’m able to run a PHP script from the server to send emails through the mail function and they’re being received, but inside Magento all emails have stopped working.

I’ve tried looking in the system.log and debug.log, but there are no references to any email errors because Magento fully believes that all emails are being sent correctly. My configurations are set correctly, Disable Emails is set to no, Async email sending is set to disable. All my orders say that confirmation email is sent. Magento thinks everything is fine, but I’m just not getting any emails.

I’ve also tried installing Mageplaza SMTP extension to bypass any Magento mailing and I’m able to successfully send a test email, but again all other emails do not work.

Hope anyone has ideas, thanks.

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Search icon on desktop instead search bar?

I’m trying to use the mobile search icon on desktop (luma child theme). Therefore I was thinking to just change Magento_Search/web/js/form-mini.js from

mediaCheck({ media: '(max-width: 768px)', entry: function () { this.isExpandable = true; }.bind(this), exit: function () { this.isExpandable = true; }.bind(this) }); 


mediaCheck({ media: 'all', entry: function () { this.isExpandable = true; }.bind(this), exit: function () { this.isExpandable = true; }.bind(this) }); 

Unfortunately it’s not working. Any idea how to use the mobile search on desktop? Thanks

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Does anyone run the original Braintree integration on 2.3+?

Our Magento store has been working on an upgrade from 2.1 to 2.3 for the past year (lots of tech debt to pay out), and with only a few days before launch my lead engineer has discovered that the original Braintree integration that Magento provided as a stock function in 2.1 has been deprecated. There is a standalone Braintree extension available directly from Braintree, but we know that trying to integrate that extension into our custom cart will likely add a significant delay to our long-overdue launch.

Does anyone run the original Magento-provided Braintree integration in their 2.3 or higher store? What would be the risk in launching 2.3 with this deprecated functionality and then work on implementing the new extension?

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How to get Module A “after click save button” event to Module B

I am using amasty store locator, in that module we can create an attribute, i have two attributes, attribute 1 is filled by manual, another attribute 2 is filled by automatically. In module A click the save button after entered attriubute 1 pass that attribute 1 value to Module B doing some API thing after that i am getting one value and save it into Module A attribute 2. Here Module A and Module B handshake for sharing the details. What is the way to achieve this?

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Merchant account

Hey guys! Revolut launched its own merchant account and payment system integration, as part of its business package. This way, your sales revenues will flow directly into the merchant account (1day max) and from there you can instantaneity withdraw into your Revolut business account.

0% commission up to 2K/month.

Direct plug-in for Magento.

I think the offer it’s super competitive and worth to at least take in consideration. Check this out

email me if you want to know more 🙂
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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