How is the layout system in Magento 2 actually working? It’s driving me crazy.

The layout system in Magento 2 is driving me crazy. Could anybody please help me to understand it?

I have the following default.xml in


<referenceContainer name="header-wrapper"> <container name="header-wrapper" before=""> <block class="MagentoFrameworkViewElementTemplate" name="test" template="Magento_Theme::html/custom.phtml" /> </container> </referenceContainer> 

The expected outcome was to insert custom.phtml before

custom.phtml is in


Here is a screenshot with the block names:

So I expected the new block to be on the left side of “”

Here is the actual outcome:

It’s driving me crazy. I tried the whole day but I don’t understand the layout system of Magento 2.

Could anybody help me?

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ERP integration

We are running Magento 2CE and want to integrate an ERP.

Mostly we’ve been having trouble keeping the inventory up to date with just Magento. (We have over a bit ver 15,000sku and growing)

Options we are looking at are Odoo, SAP, and Magento ERP extensión. Our holding company which is a wholesaler operation runs SAP business one, but it’s a completely different setup, as it just sells wholesale…so we don’t run SKUs by sizes and colors separately as our e-commerce needs to.

Magento ERP: Sounds like it can only take up to 15-20k SKUs. By next year we will probably have 30k. Does anyone have experience with the Magento ERP?

Odoo ERP: seems like it’s an easy integration and user friendly. Most developers are familiar with making this interface.

SAP: we think it will probably be a harder integration, but maybe easier to manage once set up. since our company already knows SAP.

We are currently at 90k/monthly revenue and want something stable to help us reach 300k/monthly revenue. After that we might reconsider the whole stack.

I’d appreciate any ideas or experience with this systems.

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How can I change the standard horizontal topmenu to a vertical dropdown menu?

I’m trying to change the standard horizontal topmenu in Magento 2 to a vertical menu like this:


I know that topmenu.phtml is responsible for the menu but I’m struggeling to understand the logic behind it so that I can change the horizontal categories into a dropdown. Is it even possible? Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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Does anyone have any advise on how to setup composer access for private repos?

We’re trying to setup composer in our agency so we can share multiple private packages across multiple clients securely.

What we’re looking for is something like what some extensions vendors do (like Amasty or Mirasvit) when you purchase the extension you get your own credentials that you add in the auth.json file and after adding their repo URL to the composer.json file you get access to the modules that you purchased .

Ideally we’d like to set something up that:

  • Lets each client have their own credentials, with access only to the repos that we specify.

  • If the clients leaves we can revoke access to only those credentials without affecting anyone else.

It looks like packagist private repos do this but they’re out of our budget unfortunately, we looked into Satis and it takes us pretty close but as far as we can see it doesn’t handle permissions so the only way I can see is each client having their own Satis installation with access only to their repos and with their own credentials.

Is there any other option that you can recommend?

Thanks in advance.

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Custom built multi channel E-commerce website, suggestions ?

Im an Amazon seller, looking to branch out into Ebay/own website and have everything controlled in one place.

What are my options ? Shopify is good, but im looking for better. I hear that Woocommerce is bad, Magento is very expensive. Im a bit lost, for those who have had websites developed, what did you have done and how do i go about finding a company or person to supply one ? im not sure about using someone from Upwork.

Any help or suggestions would be great,

Also to note, i do not mind if the website gets low traffic, the main point is to have everything centralised between Ebay & amazon.


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Looking for examples of M2 sites that dominate their niche?

I feel like so many site owners are pulling away from Magento 2. We were ranking #1 with Magento 1.9 and have taken a big drop since the move. I’ve had people audit the site and made changes and we’ve seen a slight boost. Meanwhile my competitors owns three sites, two run on BVVCommerce and another using Shopify service and he’s just pushed me down to #6 and #7 for top keywords.

Can somebody tell me a Magento 2 site that dominates their niche? I need hope that it’s possible to kick butt with M2?

Currently I read articles like this one. So many examples of sites out of UK and India. Really want USA sites, .com USA sites.

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How to Manage Your Store After Magento 2 Migration

Once the migration to Magento 2 is over and your newly-established store is ready for business, we advise you not to rush into the eCommerce world immediately. Even if the transition went smoothly and error-free, you may still need to settle some issues before the store goes live.

Keep reading to find out more:

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Magento 1.9 – How to declare two id or class name for single input field?

Magento 1 courier selection,

path : app/design/frontend/base/default/template/checkout/onepage/shipping_method/available.phtml

<span class="no-display"><input name="shipping_method" type="radio" value="<?php echo $_rate->getCode() ?>" id="s_method_<?php echo $_rate->getCode() ?>" checked="checked" /></span> <?php else: ?> <input name="shipping_method" type="radio" value="<?php echo $_rate->getCode() ?>" id="s_method_<?php echo $_rate->getCode() ?> "<?php if($_rate->getCode()===$this->getAddressShippingMethod()) echo ' checked="checked"' ?> class="radio"/> 

The input field i need to declare another name for my popup message purpose i just declare script for same file location,


<script> document.addEventListener('click', function (event) { if ( === 'obtrusive-radio') { alert( } }) </script> 

I want to assign the name obtrusive-radio but input field already have a name like “shipping_method”

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Entry-level dev. I’ll be starting a Magento 2 position. Tips?

I have a little more than a year of experience in web development (Laravel, Angular, Python, etc.), and before that a year of game development. I’ll be starting a new position as a Magento Backend Developer.

I’ve heard of the infamy of Magento and how it is “over-engineered”, “bloated”, and has a steep learning curve. Which and how much of these are true? What are some of the beginner caveats I should look out for? Is the backend as bad as the frontend?

Also, I know its support for Windows is deprecated now, how do I get started on developing Magento locally on my Windows machine? Docker? VM?


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