How to Upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 [Complete Guide to Magento 2 Migration]

it is time for the Magento users to consider migrating to Magento 2 because the Magento team will end support for the Magento 1 users by June 2020 and users will not receive security updates or official patches. Therefore, it is the right time for Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration… Explore a full Magento 2 Migration Solution at

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Magento Developer Extension portal – help with submission

Hey, I went to release a new version of an extension I help maintain and I accidentally cancelled it during the submission process. The submission shows as Cancelled and I can’t make further changes to it.

To date, all of our versions have matched the version in Github. I’d like to maintain that tradition. Is it possible to delete/modify a cancelled submission?

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Nexcess Shared Hosting – Thoughts?

Hey Guys,

I hope all is well and you are staying safe during these trying times.

We are looking to move our Magento 1.9 site to Nexcess to take advantage of the Safe Harbor program.

Do you guys have any feedback on Nexcess as an actual host?

We have always have a large AWS instance so moving to a shared host is new for us.

We are looking at either the Cloud offering:

Or this Shared offering here which seems a lot cheaper.

You do hear around the traps that Nexcess host a boatload of Magento stores, but is this going to be a PITA and not worth it?

And tips or advice?

Thanks and Stay Safe!

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Inventory quantity history, or how many days a product is out of stock?

In order to predict the annual demand for a product, we need to know how many days it was out of stock. If a product was out of stock half the year, and we sold 100 a year, then we can predict that annual demand should be 200.

Is there any extension that can track this? Perhaps make a backup of the products table everyday?

Related to my other thread Getting inventory quantity into Google Sheets, I’m currently thinking of using a product feed extension like Mirasvit’s, then have a script in Google Sheets that backups the product feed every day.

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Magento 1.9 – How to apply handling fees if selected products available along with other products in the cart?

If the cart contains any one of the selected products along with other products that should be applied handling fees and cart contains only the selected products no need to apply handling fees.

Here I am using Extra fees module

Using the shopping cart price rule,

Here how to add a condition like if a customer tries to add other products to the cart but cart have already selected products then should be applied to handling fees.

Now, if more than one special products (all special listed in ) exist in cart handling charge applied, i need this for other products.

How to do that? thanks.

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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration [A Complete Guide For Magento 2 Migration]

Magento 1 is a useful tool for creating e-commerce stores. However, it is time for the Magento users to consider migrating to Magento 2 because the Magento team will end support for the Magento 1 users by June 2020 and users will not receive security updates or official patches. Therefore, it is the right time for Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration. Refer this complete guide to upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 successfully.

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Multi-vendor and multi-payment


I’m considering to use magento to help local and small business (mostly small,local grocery shops) to help them out in these corona-times.

1) Is it possible to create apps that are specific for my instance of magento?

2) If I can set up a magento for multi-vendor, does magento have capabilities for each vendor has each own payement?

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X-Men Evolution: An Underrated Marvel Show Naturally Featuring The Master of Magnetism

While it might not compare to the 90s series this is a creative reinvention of the x-men formula with one of the best magneto voice performances and is even the show that created x23 , for any wanting to hear more here’s a link to a short video review (also the show itself is available on amazon prime in the UK and I think Disney plus otherwise)

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Salesforce, Pardot, AWS, WordPress, SEO and Magento

Hi Reddit family,

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying working at home. Normally, there is no such thing called nowadays. So, couldn’t come up with a power-up post for you people. I hope you have missed me, Nah?

I want to help my family to boost and nurture their skills and businesses in this hard time. I am a Salesforce Administrator, Pardot Specialist, AWS, WordPress, SEO, Magento developer and I specialize in helping small business get the most out of their marketing budget.I’be helping dozens of clients from more profit while spending less – and I’ve done it over and over again being leading a software agency for the last 2 years. I have 1 hour to spend on nothing, then I realized let’s spend it with one member to help. If anyone of you having issues with their Salesforce Org, AWS cloud, and Website you can ask me for the time from (3PM – 4PM) PKT. I will look forward to assist and boost your business.

Let’s connect 🙂

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M2 + varnish + logged in user = all cache miss?

I’m having an issue with varnish not caching when users are logged in that has been kicking my ass for weeks. Has anyone been able to get varnish to work with logged in users on M2?

My setup is nginx (443) -> varnish 5 (80) -> apache (8080)

Anonymized VCL is here:

If ANYONE can point me in the right direction here I would forever be grateful.

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