Issues taking Certification Exam with PSI Exams?

TLDR: PSI Exams broke for me, and their support is GARBAGE, so I used Examity instead, which worked beautifully.

I am so upset right now, I don’t know whether to cry or scream. I had a certification exam scheduled for 12 noon today. I’ve been studying SO HARD for it. I went to the Adobe Certifications site at 11:45 to start, it’s now 12:25, and I still cannot access the PSI exam.

I click “Launch Exam” and go to a page with a spinning AJAX wheel.

Then, it takes me to a page that says

Failed to start check-in process. You may reinitiate the process by clicking the button below. [Reinitiate]

I already downloaded their stupid Browser program and verified everything.

I studied so hard, so long, and now I can’t think straight. Even if I’m able to start the exam I’m so thrown off that I am worried of failing.

Oh — and PSI Support is TRASH. Their phone number puts you on hold for 10 minutes then redirects you to a voicemail. Their helpdesk ticketing system makes you feel like you won’t hear back for days, if ever.

Has anyone had issues like this?!

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Downloadable files (digital purchase)

Hello, friends!

I’m working on a modification on the Magento 2.3 downloadable-module, and my question is: Where do the download page is constructed at? i think it is a .phtml file like any other template file, but I’m not sure…

The getDownloadUrl() function makes this link:return $this->getUrl('downloadable/download/link', ['id' => $item->getLinkHash(), '_secure' => true]);

What file is the responsible to construct/build this download page?

If possible, send me a documentation link like this one:

Thanks for now!!

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Is it possible to ‘setCustomAttribute()’ in ‘controller_action_postdispatch_’ observer?

Hi, I have an observer for ‘controller_action_postdispatch_myextension_saveUser’ event. This observer should set a custom customer attribute when the event is triggered.

This is my observer:

 $customer = $observer->getEvent()->getCustomer(); $customerId = $this->customerSession->getCustomer()->getId(); $customerData = $customer->getDataModel(); $customerData->setCustomAttribute('myattributecode', $customerId); $customer->updateData($customerData); $customer->save(); 

It is working when I observe the event ‘customer_save_after’ but I only need it when the controller_action event is triggered. In this case I get Error: Call to a member function getDataModel() on null.

Is there any way to set custom attribute in controller_action? Thank you very much

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Best dev environment on Windows 10

So I have been contracted for a new Magento 2 project. The client only has one weird demand, I have to use Windows 10. I tried persuading him that almost no developer works on Windows but the client was persistent that it has to be developed on Windows 10 for whatever reason.

The problem is, I have been developing on Linux for over 10 years. I have no idea how Magento developers setup their development environment on Windows. I did some Googling and there are so many options, WSL2, Docker, Virtualbox, Vagrant, XAMPP. I did some short experiments with WSL2 and Vagrant but the performance was really bad. How do I setup a good development environment on Windows 10 with good performance? It all feels so clunky to me.

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Do you ever do A/B tests?

Hi everyone! I am a beginner shop owner and I am just starting to learn about selling online more closely to make my store profitable. One of the ideas for researching the market that I’ve read about is A/B testing. The idea is basically trying to publish the same product under different categories and with slightly different information to see which listing will sell better. Did anyone actually tried to use this thing? I find it interesting just not sure if it’s worth the time and effort. I would highly appreciate any and all experience you guys can share. Thanks a lot!

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No order status options other than Processing and Suspected Fraud


I’m relatively new to Magento after using Presta for many years.

I have a store up and running and orders coming in, but on the first order I realized there seems to be a problem with order processing.

The only options I seem able to select at the bottom of a new order, in the drop down box, are Processing and Suspected Fraud.

I have searched online for explanations or solutions to this but can’t find anything that seems relevant. Does anyone know what I need to do or change in the set up of the store?


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