Question on Compensation for Tech Support, Updates, Etc.?

Here’s the story, I’ll try and keep it as brief as possible.

Got hired part-time with no experience by a two-man operation small business that sells lab equipment. Both owners are not tech savvy to say they least yet had chosen M1 as their eCommerce platform and had a dev agency doing the updates (their work wasn’t what one would describe as high quality). A few months into my tenure, that same dev agency convinced my employers to migrate to Magento 2. Without doing any research on the matter they willfully obliged.

Cut to a year later, cobbling together what little resources I could find online, I taught myself how to update M2 with composer, fix any bugs with patches, basically maintain a M2 site on my own (dev agency no longer needed). However, my compensation for these tasks were now likely inadequate mostly due to my lowly beginnings.

Cut to the present day, I’ve taken a liking to this code business and enrolled myself in a code school with aims of landing a full-stack dev job (not Magento related lol). The class schedule has made my time more precious, so I’m now only willing to offer my services for updates and technical support.

Here’s the question, what should I be asking for in return for those services? It’s a cookie-cutter site, has a 3rd-party theme, a few extensions that need manual updating, no real customizations aside from my own custom theme work.

I’m in the U.S. btw, I realize that makes a difference.

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FedEx dimensional shipping options

Is there a way to have FedEx’s api in Magento 2 utilize volumetric (dimensional) shipping over weight? My FedEx account is set up as such, but when checking out it’s completely undercharging and only utilizing one box vice the required amount of boxes to fit the order.

Is the only option to create a new module or find an extension?

Can adding attributes to each product accomplish this? I see there’s a weight, but I believe the LxWxH option went away with the temando shipping.

Any advice will help.


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Magento 1.9 – How to write script for bulk update in table using csv?

I want to add a position for products by using category id in the table catalog_category_product, how to bulk update for my 20k products and any best practice for this suggest me thanks.


<?php require_once 'app/Mage.php'; umask("0"); Mage::app(); ini_set('display_errors',"1"); ini_set('display_startup_errors', "1"); error_reporting(E_ALL); if (($handle = fopen("inputs.csv", "r")) !== FALSE) { while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, '1000', ",")) !== FALSE) { $sql='UPDATE catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value SET label='.$data['2'].' WHERE value_id = '.$data['0'].''; echo $sql.'<br/>'; mysqli_query($sql); } fclose($handle); } ?> 

How to alter my script for Magento 1.9?

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Magento 2.3 Error

Has anyone received this error?

(unknown) Fallback to JQueryUI Compat activated. Your store is missing a dependency for a jQueryUI widget. Identifying and addressing the dependency will drastically improve the performance of your site.

It shows up when inspecting any page on the site (home, product, etc). I am thinking it’s related to the theme (Porto), though not sure. Any help is welcome. . .

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Magento 2 – Sell on Credit to Business Customers – Is this possible?

Hey Magento Fam,

Back again requesting some help. My partner recently came with a out of left field request to me.

He mentioned that often other shop owners will come to our retail store and buy product from us on ‘Credit’ which means that they will pay us for it in 30 days. It is a fairly common practice in India so that our stock keeps rotating out and the brands we carry get spread in the market.

As we are thinking of using Magento for our POS software I was wondering if there is any way to make this happen in Magento where the order is almost akin to an IOU so that when we need to settle payments with the other shop owner we can tell them how much they owe us.

Thanks in advance!

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