Email On Click?

I would like to add a link to each product page that when clicked it will open up a small google captcha. Once that is completed and the user hits send I want the server to send me an email with the persons username and the product link.

I want to use this for error reporting on our project pages. Is there such a monster? Is there an easy way to implement this?

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Groups/Websites handling

Hi all. I’m quite new to Magento2, working on a project since 2 weeks more or less. I have to make, and I already made, two website for two different kind of customers(even if my idea was to use a single one with a groups handling). I just don’t understand, is it possible to set only one single group of customers for each website?For example, does make sense having a website for customers within only a customers group and one website for retailers just with retailers group? I apologize in advance if I was a bit confusing, but trying to get into a world that’s not mine (btw I’m basically a Java dev)

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Sample data not showing up on site.

I used the markshust/docker-magento repo to create a docker setup for a local development Magento2 server. I then tried multiple stackoverflow answers such as this in an effort to get sample data to show up on the site, to no avail.

I tried both composer and bin/magento.

One thing i notices is on the command line in the <magento_root> directory, <magento_root>/bin/magento sampledata:deploy runs and produces a lot of output like it’s doing something and Magento_SampleData show up as enabled in <magento_root>/bin/magento module:status, though nothing hows up in the site. However, <magento_root>/src/bin/magento sampledata:deploy ends in an error:

Connection to Redis redis:6379 failed after 2 failures.Last Error : (0) php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: nodename nor servname provided, or not known

Any help understanding what I have done wrong would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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PrestaShop to Magento Migration

Building a digital business is not that easy as one might think. It all starts with a reliable eCommerce platform that aims at satisfying your basic needs and requirements. Also, don’t forget about the themes, modules, enhancements, and other management-related issues – a real herculean task! But once your store starts growing in revenue and the number of clients, it’s about time to begin searching for a more suitable solution with advanced functionality. If PrestaShop’s capabilities are not enough and you wish to migrate to Magento, read on!

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Which Google Cloud/AWS Deployment Package or VM?

I installed 2.3.4 on my own server just to play around with it, but production version needs to be little bit more serious, as outlined on Google’s and Amazon’s web sites. Those of you who use GC or AWS at the moment, did you use one of the ready-to-deploy packages or installed and customized everything yourself? Did you use a 3rd party Cloud partner? I appreciate if you could share your experiences.

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Free open source M2 extension to display notices like “Open for Business”

Hi all

my company developed a free simple extension that may be useful for Magento 2 merchants nowadays.

It allows to display a notice/banner at the top of all or selected store pages.

Something that businesses often do to say “We are open for business” or vise versa.

Gitlab URL –

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Hello, having a problem with urls

Hello, I recently deleted a product in hopes of making a new version of the same one under the same url. However, after deleting the product and making a new one, the new prpducts url as some numbers appended to it that increment by 1 on save. Does anyone know how to get rid of these numbers? I’ve tried the cache as well as reindexing the whole database in the admin area of magento.

the url of the deleted product was

even though I have “rest-area-arrow-square” as the url, new product comes out as

any help with this? I actually do not have access to the phpmyadmin portion of the site if that is something I need.

Thank you for any assistance, stay safe out there

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please share your experiences on hosting problems so I would be aware while choosing the appropriate hosting for my site.

Hey guys, I currently hosted my e-commerce site in Godaddy and facing frequent downtimes. I used Magento to build my site (Not a technical person though). Due to the frequent downtimes, I am losing orders.

Initially, I used Godaddy because of my budget. But now I am planning to switch to another premium hosting. Would you guys suggest me another hosting? Also please share your experiences on hosting problems so I would be aware while choosing the appropriate hosting for my site.

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