Checkout not working when im upgrading from Magento 2.3.0 to 2.3.3

Like the title says, Ive been trying to upgrade my version of Magento from 2.3.0 to 2.3.3 unsuccessfully. The checkout stops working as soon as Ive upgraded and Im not sure what the problem is since Ive already tried a lot of stuff.

Any ideas? Are there any changes between the versions that are substantial and require something special to be done?

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Magento 2 Product Recommendations Step | Cross-sell & Upsell

How to suggest customers purchase products that meet their needs without making them annoyed? Magento 2 product recommendations step is a must-try solution.

The extension allows store admins to create questions and answers with customer-oriented options, then step by step recommend customers to buy the best-fit item. With filter options, customers can reach recommended products rapidly.

– Use ajax submit filter options & get products to display

– Display filter form on frontend by block & widget

– Quickly show recommended products

– Create multiple questions & answers on backend

– Flexibly edit a specific combine rule

– Manage & sort out questions with ease

– Import & export recommendation rules via CSV

– Manage combine rules in grid

– Ready to use REST API

– Enable/ disable recommendation in settings

Get more details at:

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Best Magento 2 Payment Restrictions Extension 2020 For B2B & B2C

Payment restriction Magento 2 extension helps store owner flexibly create various restrictions to payment methods according to certain criteria such as store views, customer groups, product attributes, shipping address, etc. This is a useful tool to help you achieve successful payment process that satisfies all your desires.

– Restrict payment methods at checkout

– Apply restrictions on multiple payment methods

– Set payment restrictions based on customer groups

– Edit payment restriction rule information

– Apply conditions for payment restriction rules

– Apply actions per payment restriction rule

– Create new orders for a specific customer

– Manage payment restriction rules by actions

– Enable/disable payment restriction quickly

View more details at:

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Sydney Jobs

I work for a technology consultancy in Australia and we are presently hiring senior full-stack developers who have experience with M1 to M2 conversions either permanently or in a contract (12-month contract)

Unfortunately, because of our borders being closed, you would need to already live in Aus and be comfortable working from Sydney for the 12 months of the piece of work.

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Magento 2.3 – After move localhost to live – Error – Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource

My main website store URL: Second website store URL :

Initially, i developed multi-website in the localhost, and its working also but after move to live server main website working but second website store not working

Error :

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Product CSV upload – Options that are not in the existing attribute list

am i able to upload products via csv with attribute that is not in the option list ?

For example, my color option list have blue,red and green only.

the product csv upload have a yellow t-shirt
there will be a error in uploading the product csv

The settings are found here
Store –> Products –> Attribute Information –> Manage Options (Values of Your Attribute)

Is it possible to have attribute to take in any details on the product csv and create the options ?

Thank you so much

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Configurable product import problems


Trying to set up a new store running Magento 2.3.2 for some clothing. I have 3 different attributes (color, fit, and size). When I create the products manually in the admin panel, all goes well, but I’m not having luck uploading them from a file. I can upload them without errors. I can see them in the Catalog -> Products list (the 12 simple products and 1 configurable), they all show enabled, but it’s not visible in the site. I’ve cleared the cache and re-indexed via SSH.

The one difference I notice between an item I manually entered (same configurations) and one that I upload is this: When I pull up the configurable product in the list and hit Edit, down in the configurations section it shows all of the various configuration simple products. When I do the same thing with the uploaded product, that section is empty, it doesn’t show any current variations. So my uneducated guess is it’s not linking the simple products to the configurable one, even though the skus seem correct.

Any suggestions? I can upload the upload file if that would help? The only two non-standard things I think I’m doing are:

  • I have each of the configuration values in their own column (e.g. a Color column that has Black or White, a Fit column with Regular or Tall, and a Size column with S, M, or L rather than in an additional_attributes column
  • I’m changing the order of the attributes. The system defaults to Size, Color and Fit (guessing that’s how I entered them originally?), but I prefer Color, Fit and then Size.

Would love any help, as I have a ton of products to enter so doing them one by one would be near-impossible. Thank you!

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Looking for Region City Dropdown Extension for Magento 2

Magento 2 by default has only the data-structure for regions/states without any administration capabilities. Also, the city field is displayed as text-input leading typos & invalid addresses.

I have found a great extension to solve the limitations imposed by input city field

With this extension, store admin can easily manage both regions & cities from the backend UI. And the list of cities which are managed from the backend will be shown as a select dropdown to the customer during checkout & address management. This will not only avoid the typos/invalid address issue but also help the store owner to target the cities for shipping rates and cart rules.

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