Please help a newbies with questions about choosing Magento as a career path.

Hello guys and girls.

My path has led me to this forum after searching for information about Magento. As a beginner in PHP and getting to grips with Magento, i’d really appreciate some help answering a few questions I have about the software. I’m looking at training and books, so I my need to follow up on those things later.

Opinion based, but also can be useful from multiple viewpoints : Is Magento a growing, in demand area of specialization around the world? I’m from France if that makes any difference.

Are salaries generally good for the work compared to other frameworks, both within PHP and other languages?

Are there any makor roadblocks that cause you to dissuade a newbie starting down the Magento path with the hopes of a fulfilling, challenging career?

Excited to hear from te community. Stay safe.

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