Product images shown in wrong order

I use Magento 2 and I have tons of products on our website. We change/update/add images to our product through a FTP server. So if an article has the number 12345. We upload an image to the FTP with the name 12345. Magento grabs the image and displays it on the site. If we have more images to one article number, we upload like this: 12345_1, 12345_2, 12345_3 and so on.

This has worked so fine until recently. Now the order is sometimes random and we get dublicates.

Example: item 12345.
Images on FTP: 12345_1 , 12345_2 , 12345_3 , 12345_4.
Images shown on site: 12345_2 , 12345_4 , 12345_3 , 12345_2

Anyone experienced something similar. I know this is pretty specific, but it is a hard thing to google.

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