PWA Studio vs Vue Storefront vs Theme for Magento 2

I’m building an eCommerce website soon and I’ve chosen to use Magento despite the bad reps online as it suits my use case and I couldn’t find any other open source solutions out there that do what Magento does.

However, I’m currently stuck on choosing the frontend framework to use with Magento 2. Especially with PWA, things are so new that I couldn’t find much resource and comparisons out there.

After days and days of reading, I’ve narrowed it down to PWA Studio, VSF 2, and old school theme development.

My first choice would be VSF 2 since I have quite a bit of experience in developing in Vue, but I’m sceptical on whether the integration will be seamless especially since we have an official solution from the Magento team (PWA Studio). I do have some experience in React but definitely not as much as Vue.

My last choice would be developing a theme like how it was done in the old times, but I would like to stay away from it if possible. The first thing is PWA being the hype now, I’d prefer not to build a theme and then switch to PWA a few months later. There’s also the limited experience I have in frontend development with PHP.

What are your thoughts?

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