Q: How does inventory on bundle products work? (Stock?)

Hi Guys.

Okay, so i have a question for inventory management of bundle-products – more specifically the “stock status” – “in stock” or “out of stock” – based on stock status on its added simple products.

  1. Are the bundle product’s stock status depended on each simple-product added to it?
    E.g. A bundle product is set to “out of stock” if any of the simple-product has QTY < 0?
  2. If 1 is true, which extention do you know who can set different stock statusses based on each of these simple-products?

    1. If “simple product A” is out of stock == Delivery time 8 weeks
    2. If simple product B is out of stock == Delivery time 6 weeks
    3. If both A and B is out of stock == 8 weeks (longest time)
  3. I’m really interested in hearing how you keep track of your bundle products – so please share all your experience with it .

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