Sales > Order List Spins & Spins for Some! Cache Issue?

Very difficult time titling this post.

So I am experiencing a very strange issue. For some people who log into admin, when they go to see orders in admin the page just spins and spins and spins and it will not load the orders. Sometimes refreshing the page helps, sometimes it does nothing.

First I tried using their logins on my PC and I could get it, access the order grid just fine. I tried to use my login that was working for me on their pc and it was spinning.

The issue was clearly their PC.

Clearing their browser cache and browser cookies helps but anytime they go back to the order grid, they have to dump all browser cache and cookies.

What is even more strange is switching to a different browser like Chrome to Firefox or IE or some unused browser with zero history doesn’t seem to stop the spinning. You always have to dump browser cache and cookies and it’s a short term fix.

Is there way to tell the browser not to save cookies for admin at all (is that bad) but would that prevent this from happening?

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