Salesforce, Pardot, AWS, WordPress, SEO and Magento

Hi Reddit family,

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying working at home. Normally, there is no such thing called nowadays. So, couldn’t come up with a power-up post for you people. I hope you have missed me, Nah?

I want to help my family to boost and nurture their skills and businesses in this hard time. I am a Salesforce Administrator, Pardot Specialist, AWS, WordPress, SEO, Magento developer and I specialize in helping small business get the most out of their marketing budget.I’be helping dozens of clients from more profit while spending less – and I’ve done it over and over again being leading a software agency for the last 2 years. I have 1 hour to spend on nothing, then I realized let’s spend it with one member to help. If anyone of you having issues with their Salesforce Org, AWS cloud, and Website you can ask me for the time from (3PM – 4PM) PKT. I will look forward to assist and boost your business.

Let’s connect 🙂

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