Security Patch from 2.4.5-p7 to 2.4.5-p8 may break checkout!

I just ran into this and posted this comment on another post but figured it warranted its own post.

Take note and test this before deploying the latest security patch! It is breaking the checkout on numerous stores because of the change to the CSP policy: For me this is happening on the upgrade from 2.4.5-p7 to 2.4.5-p8.

I’d recommend testing this in a sandbox. I actually didn’t have this issue in my Sandbox and missed it in testing but in my production site it broke the checkout and only loads the header / footer but none of the checkout content. Be aware that if you upgrade, verify checkout functionality immediately and be prepared to roll back if it fails or breaks. I’ve got to dig into my sandbox further to investigate why it isn’t occurring there.

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