Side Job: Need developer to fix some little bugs and get me into production mode..

TLDR: pm me if you are a capable developer and can fix some bugs in magento 2.1.12 and possibly upgrade to latest magento.

Hired a developer to fix some small things and upgrade from 2.1.12 to 2.3. It was a terrible experience. Thankfully we still had the old 2.1.12 intact and we migrated from a VPS to a magento cloud managed host. Site is up and running in developer mode, but does not look right when going into production mode. (Fix one)

Fix 2: I’d like to re-upgrade latest magento to be able to take advantage of the magento cloud features(redis and elastic search) do this on a test folder and then switch this into production.

I expect it to be a “quick” job, but could lead to more future work.

If interested, PM me with your skills/portfolio/suggestions/whatever.

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