So far very impressed with Magento 2.4.3 responsiveness

I’m running on a VPS (15TB bandwidth / 24GB RAM / 6 CPU Cores) and so far I’m very impressed with how the shopping car is responding even with a random themeforest theme.

Last time I tried to switch to Magento it was 2.4.1 and I honestly couldn’t use the cart unless it was in production mode and fully cached.

My only complaints so far is that pagebuilder wraps my blocks in a div that don’t float. So I had to insert a row and then insert my html into that row for each block.

Also the changes to .htaccess in 2.4.2 were a little hard to get use to. I haven’t gotten url rewrites to work, but I think it’s because I installed magento in a subdirectory.


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