Switching from Vagrant to Valet+ for Magento development

I’ve been developing off Vagrant for a year and a half with my previous company, and although it DEFINITELY took some getting used to, I eventually became really really good at it. Quick deployment scripts, fancy local BASH scripts, etc.

However, I got laid off due to the whole Covid situation, and my new company is using something I’ve never had the chance to try out yet: Valet+.

I’ve done some research and keep seeing phrases like “While not a complete replacement for Vagrant…”. What exactly should I expect to be different? I bought a new MacBook Pro recently with an i9 and 16gb ram, because it’s my development computer and I need it to be super powerful. Is this overkill for Valet+? Or will this run even better than Vagrant?

Or… Should I wait a few weeks then gently propose the entire team switches to Vagrant? I’m lead dev so it’s not necessarily impossible.

edit: Forgot to mention. Previous company was an Agency where I had about a dozen concurrent Magento projects. New company is one company with maybe 3 sites (all Magento).

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