44% of developers who build apps for 3rd party platforms have six or more years of experience in backend services

The market for applications and extensions for third-party ecosystems has been around for a number of years now, yielding a moderate level of experienced developers.

Almost a quarter (24%) of developers building such applications have six or more years of experience in this specific development area.
This ranks third-party app platform developers at an average level in terms of experience when compared to their peers in other development sectors.
However, given the nature of this area, it’s common for developers who build apps for third-party platforms to be involved in other development sectors, such as backend services, where 44% of developers have six or more years of experience. In general, these developers tend to be more experienced in other development sectors, indicating that development of applications for third-party ecosystems is more of an extended skill than a primary development focus.

Source: State of the Developer Nation 21st Edition

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