Magento Cloud Docker – OOM issues during setup:upgrade (redis)

When running docker-compose run –rm deploy cloud-deploy It makes it through almost entirely, but then during the last stages of setup:upgrade, specifically the “Processing configurations data from configuration file…” step, I see a fatal error: mmap() failed: [12] Cannot allocate memoryFatal error: Out of memory (allocated 235208704) (tried to allocate 6451432 bytes) in /app/vendor/colinmollenhour/cache-backend-redis/Cm/Cache/Backend/Redis.php on […]

So we finally tested Hyvä…

… and increased Lighthouse mobile performance from 10 to 97 when we recreated a Magento 2 store using Hyvä Themes. 3×100 on desktop. Looks like the hype is real. submitted by /u/Mag_me [link] [comments]

Identity verification for Magento 2.

Hello. I am looking for a solution to verify certain customer groups in my magento. It could be through api calls or linking to an external service etc for verification. The verification i need will be ID, or License, and Taking a photo of yourself with the ID, and proof of address. How can this […]

Klevu Theme vs Magento Theme

I have 2 questions about Klevu. Can someone provide a list of pros and cons in using the Klevu theme versus Magento theme? Would anyone be willing to share a URL to the website so I can understand and view how you have set up your UX? We are going through a Klevu implementation, and […]

Magento resources

I am new to Magento so I apologise if what I’m about to ask doesn’t make any sense. I was wondering how resources intensive Magento 2 websites would be with the following parameters: E-commerces sites with elastic search: 5000k monthly users 10,000k monthly users 100,000k monthly users How resource intensive would these 3 sites be […]

Best practice extending less styles?

I’m just wondering, what’s the best practice when working with less files. For example: I’m creating a child theme from blank. Now I need to change icon font size of .minicart-wrapper. .minicart-wrapper { .lib-dropdown( @_icon-font-size: 22px ); } I could either do it in Magento_Checkout/web/css/source/module/_minicart_extend.less (and register this file in (Magento_Checkout/web/css/source/module/_extend.less) or I could do […]

Magento 2.4 requirejs dependency load order question

Magento v2.4.0 I have two js files. Let’s call them fileA and fileB. I need fileA to load before fileB in order to trigger a call. fileA: define([ ‘jquery’, ‘underscore’, ‘ko’, ‘uiComponent’ ], function ($, _, ko, Component) { return Component.extend({ initialize: function() { $(document).on(‘customEvent’, function () { // do stuff } }, // knockout […]

In Stock Notifications Magento 2

Hi Am using the community copy of Magento 2 platform. Was interested in setting up In stock notifications for customers who enter their e-mail on a product page. I see there is a way to allow this with having all of the products which are out of stock visible in the categories but is there […]

We have developed Eye lens prescription Magento 2 extension

Here, we are launch with some best features, Take a look, Features: A smart solution for online lens products selling eCommerce store Auto populate prescription options (e.g. Diameter, Power) for lens products User can enter prescription manually or upload prescription file Allow users to save multiple prescriptions for repeat purchase Tooltip display for prescription specifications […]

When will knockout.js be deprecated?

I have spent the last year or so developing a magento 2 shop based on porto theme and the normal jquery / knockout.js frontend stack and today i read knockout.js will be deprecated.. My shop is about 90% finished.. i guess i will go live with knockout.js or should i already switch to PWA react? […]