Magento 2 Warden Aliases

Warden is a CLI utility for orchestrating Docker-based developer environments. I am going to share some aliases that make your warden-based development life easier (how? see below). Category Warden Command Alias Command Magento 2 warden shell -c “bin/magento <action>” wm2 <action> MageRun warden shell -c “n98-magerun <action>” wmr <action> Redis warden redis <action> wrd <action> […]

Magento 2 Paypal Express and Analytics conversions

Our marketing team is trying to better track conversion traffic, but all paypal express orders (we think) are showing the traffic source landing page as /checkout/cart because the user gets redirected off site to do the transaction. It’s the third highest landing page in our analytics. Any idea how to correct this? submitted by /u/J_ron […]

How To Import Orders From Magento 1 To Magento 2

Does anyone here know if this article by Aitoc about exporting M1 orders and importing them into M2 is legit and will work? More specifically, I’m focused on the import behavior options for bringing the M1 orders into M2. The import behavior option for replacing complex data is intriguing and what initially caught my […]

Follow Up Email Extension Mirasvit or Mageplaza?

I’ve been trying to decide between the many follow up email extensions available and have narrowed it down to these, can anyone help me reach a conclusion? Here are the links to each one Mirasvit: Mageplaza: I think Mirasvit offers better value and also has way more reviews, but my boss questioned me about […]

Importance Of Magento Development

In today’s era, online business has become more important for growing larger sales volumes over physical business. For promoting these online business portals many Ecommerce frameworks and solutions are being evolved. These frameworks are basically evolved to improve the overall look of the website and its functionality so that a user find it convenient while […]

Magento 2 Force Login Features Highlights

Magento 2 Force Login Extension provides the store admin capability to impede specific parts of the store for the not logged-in users. ● Prompt the users to log in forcibly with the help of the Magento 2 Force Sign-in module. ● Quick redirection to the login page for the users with the integration of Force […]

How to prioritise certain product search?

I run a marketplace in magento. Is there a way to configure a search algorithm to prioritise certain listing of dome vendors over others if they meet a certain condition or not or even drop them after some time if these conditions are not continuously met? Any solutions out there or modules please? Cheers. submitted […]