Category tree for left sidebar

Hi, I’m trying to build a category tree for the left sidebar. Therefore my plan was to always get the current category id: public function getCurrentCategoryId() { return $this->layerResolver->get()->getCurrentCategory()->getId(); } And get the current categoryId passed in to the category factory to get the corresponding children. public function getChildCategories($categoryId) { $category = $this->categoryFactory->create(); $categoryCollection = […]

Somewhat Magento related

What percentage of annual revenue do you generally see committed to development in terms of £ / $ / €? Both for support and for feature development? The reason I consider it more of a Magento question than a generic ecommerce question, is SFCC dev for example is more expensive, Shopify ones cheaper. So how […]

I created an extension for filtering “in stock” products

As the normal stock attribute doesnt seem to work with the default magento2 filter, I created an extension. It iterates over all simple products with a configurable cronjob and sets a newly created “filter_stock” attribute according to the stock-status of the product. Maybe there is some use for it: submitted by /u/nordcomputer [link] [comments]

Import/Export Function issues in admin panel [M2]

Hey guys, I’m having some issues importing my product catalog back in to magento 2 after trying to bulk update some attributes – checking the data returns heaps of incorrect values for attributes. I tried to see where I went wrong, I exported the product catalog then immediately went in and imported the exact file […]

I need urgent help in solving this issue at my store. I am not a developer.

main.CRITICAL: Invalid method MagentoFrameworkUrl::__parseUrl {“exception”:”[object] (Magento\Framework\Exception\LocalizedException(code: 0): Invalid method Magento\Framework\Url::__parseUrl at /home/user/public_html/vendor/magento/framework/DataObject.php:399)”} [] last night I was setting up a cart price and then testing out the rule at checkout before I discovered the the following error. Maybe it was already there and we did not realised. I get the following error: ” internal error. […]

Magento v Other Platforms

Hi, I am a MBA student doing a research project on B2B eCommerce platforms at a mid-enterprise scale. Specifically, I am looking at various platforms and their ability to host a marketplace with >1M SKUs and various sellers on the marketplace. I have been trying to compare the functionalities of Magento to others and would […]