Lightweight Front Ends such as Swissup Breeeze & Hyva

I’ve been running Breeze Evolution ( by SwissUp Labs for a little over a year now in hopes of gaining some front end performance improvements. My shop is a relatively small one, so I don’t have a huge budget and this seemed like a good option at the time. After getting things dialed in, I …

Magento Google map script

Is there anyone who can help me with the google map script ? I want to include it in my header but its giving me an error again and again below is the script I want to include u/magento <script src=” KEY&callback=initMap&libraries=places&v=weekly&language=en” async defer> submitted by /u/ResponsibleRevenue41 [link] [comments]

Our Magento Open Source 2.4.6-p3 hosts more than 320 million digital products (Company pages, similar to this page and currently hosted on dedicated cloud server with 32 CPUs and 128GB RAM dedicated cloud server which costs Euro 229 per month.

We need more RAM as Elasticsearch is a RAM hungry application and we need at least 200 GB of RAM to smoothly run the website. We are looking for more affordable server as we are a startup with no funding and we are currently paying out of our pocket. Here are the basic requirements: CPU: …

Built-in “best selling” sort via URL parameter?

With Shopify, we can add “?sort_by=best-selling” to the end of any product collection URL and it’ll sort by that metric. Is there any similar “default” or built-in URL operator on Magento stores that might be accessible without it being an option in that shop’s filtering/sort-by drop-down that will sort products by best-selling or “popular”? submitted …

Magento help desk module

What does the community think is the best working Magento 2 extension that is a help-desk that integrates with the shop where people can post service requests about issues – etc and we can assign tickets to people in our team ? submitted by /u/PauseNo3645 [link] [comments]

Theoretically possible?

Would it be possible to have a free order created through an integration with Zendesk? Trying to fix customer service needing to give away a freebie without going into the admin panel. Just a button in the ticket that opens a form that feeds to Magento submitted by /u/Quixotic-Baker919 [link] [comments]

True cost to replicate the following web store

Hey everyone, Just diving into Reddit for the first time and making my debut post here. I’m looking to replicate the website “” for my online store. I reached out to the original developers, but they’ve shifted focus to AI solutions and aren’t taking on web development anymore. They mentioned they used Magento for the …