.well-known folder?

Hey folks, I need to upload a file to the .well-known folder to verify an integration, but I’m not entirely sure where to put it, as we are on Magento Cloud with read-only environments. The pub directory is read-only, so I can’t make a .well-known folder in there. Am I going to have to do […]

ScandiPWA vs Nuxt.js

I`m in the process of applying a PWA storefront on my M2 site. After making some researches, ScandiPWA turned out to be one of the best options as far as I could understand. I contacted a M2 developer with experience working with ScandiPWA as well and he suggests me to use Nuxt.js to build my […]

Tricky question about custom dispatch event

So, I have this observer which is giving me customer object on customer_save_after event like this: $customer = $observer->getEvent()->getCustomer(); On this object I getDataModel(), setCustomAttribute, updateData and save like this: ​ $customerData = $customer->getDataModel(); $customerData->setCustomAttribute(‘myattributename’, $myattributevalue); $customer->updateData($customerData); $customer->save(); ​ As said, this is working fine when I observecustomer_save_after I need this complete logic in a […]

Add foreach loop in knockout

I am using the following condition and its print one value, if(self.options.nearestlocationsBlock) { var firstStore = _.first(locations.items); var newContent = ‘<div class=”store”> <div class=”zipcode”>’+firstStore.address+’,’+firstStore.city+’,’+firstStore.state+’,’+firstStore.zip+'</div></div>’; self.storeListIdentifier.html(newContent); } I want to print the next three values, how to do that? eg: I am print first value, i want to print next three values in second condition, how […]

Product SKUs and updates

Hello everyone! I have a question regarding product updates. Every 6 months, we receive massive spreadsheets with products from our supplier. Some of these suppliers alter product names and some do not even include SKUs for simple products. Hence, I have to manually create products SKUs for the missing ones. When I receive the new […]

Upgrase to Magento2

Hello guys, several days ago i was thinking to upgrade to Magento2, is it worth it? Because i have to migrate a lot of data and i have different plug in that I don’t know if they are compatible with magento2. Thank u for ur suggestion. submitted by /u/kekkoooo [link] [comments]

Could not open input file: bin/magento

In the [email protected]….:/var/www/html/magento240 I am running following command: php bin/magento setup:install –base-url=”” –db-host=”localhost” –db-name=”magento240″ –db-user=”root” –db-password=”2014″ –admin-firstname=”mage” –admin-lastname=”comp” –admin-email=”[email protected]” –admin-user=”admin” –admin-password=”[email protected]″ –language=”en_US” –currency=”USD” –timezone=”America/Chicago” –use-rewrites=”1″ –backend-frontname=”admin” But I am always getting this error: Could not open input file: bin/magento I am using Ubuntu 20.4 and fulfill all perquisites. What am I doing wrong? ( is […]

How to set action attribute in form with custom function in controller file.

My title can be confusing so I will try to explain my problem. I have made a function(saveData()) in controller file to get the data from template file and insert it into table. So I wanna ask how can I call this function when form gets submitted through action attribute. Template file path – app/code/company_name/module/view/frontend/templates/form1.phtml […]

Shopping Cart Price Rules problem

Greetings everyone. I would like to ask if anyone can help me with the following issue: I work at a liquor store with an online store and we would like to ccreate a mix and match list for selected wine SKUs so that if someone buys : *any 6 to 11 of the selected category […]

AD0-E700 aka Magento 2 Solution Specialist exam

Good day community, ​ I’d like to ask you If anyone happened to study or pass Magento 2 certified solution specialist test aka Adobe Certified Expert Magento Commerce Business Practitioner (AD0-E700)? ​ Please see few questions: ​ What is the learning scope of the AD0-E700 in terms of hours if starting from scratch? ​ There […]

Toggle prices option and save as cookie

Hi /r/magento, I’m wondering if there’s a way to let users toggle (show/hide) prices by clicking a button and save the setting to a cookie. I was playing around with jquery toggle() and save it in localStorage. It kind of works but with a lot of drawbacks. E.g. the price is shown for a few […]

Magento Checkout customization

Hi, I have a checkout layout with a phtml file. It’s a static file with a new design for the checkout. I have to integrate checkout entirely. Right now my problem is the shipping and billing address. It’s the same as the default Magento but with a new design. Having only a phtml file, I […]