How to rewrite the third-party module template files from my custom module using Preference?

I am rewriting the model file using preference in a custom module, <?xml version=”1.0″?> <config xmlns:xsi=”” xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=”urn:magento:framework:ObjectManager/etc/config.xsd”> <preference for=”MagefanBlogModelPost” type=”ManciniMagefanBlogModelMagefanPost” /> </config> Same how to rewriting viewfrontendtemplates and CSS using preference in a custom module? submitted by /u/aveeva7 [link] [comments]

Product Configurator for Furniture?

Hi, I’m searching for an advanced product configurator for beds (size, color, orientation, side cabinets, accessories) and I understand my requirements are advanced and will need further customization, but I don’t find anything anywhere close to get a start at least. Any suggestions? submitted by /u/Mephala9 [link] [comments]

Storyblok Integration for Magento 2 (Visual Editor)

Hey everyone, We just released an open source module to integrate Storyblok visual editor into Magento 2 e-commerce sites. We weren’t happy with the current state of content editing functionality in Magento and with Magento’s official Page Builder uncertainty of ever coming to open source we decided to give Storyblok a go. It supports features …

shipping e-mail not being sent

I’m having some issues with the shipping e-mail on magento 2.3.3. All the other emails are working properly (like pickup order, confirmations, etc..), only the shipping is not working. I’m using the standard template. Can I have some help with this, please? submitted by /u/kaio_piola [link] [comments]

Magento errors

Hi guys, im new to Magento and while using it I get some error codes, I looked after forums but I did not get anything. Do you know any sites or groups where I can get my answers? submitted by /u/BAndreas98 [link] [comments]

How many variable attributes do you use?

Hello guys! Could you please share some experience on the number of variable attributes that you have in your shop? Does it need to be 1-3 attributes only or can be 4-5 properties? Which ones are more popular with the buyers in your experience? submitted by /u/Wonderful_Vallery [link] [comments]

Magento email error:

CSS inlining fout: DOMXPath::query(): Invalid expression in selector >> 100% << in /var/www/html/vendor/pelago/emogrifier/src/Emogrifier.php on line 494 This is the error I’m getting no matter what… I tried to update emogrifier with composer, did the cache etc. ​ It just doesn’t seem to help.. anybody knows the fix? ​ Thank you submitted by /u/Adventurous_Cry_2951 [link] [comments]

Best Magento2 theme vendor

What would you recommend the best Magento 2 theme vendor for fashion (or in general). One that has good general quality, less likely to have bugs and has good support. submitted by /u/Unimegistus [link] [comments]