Best MSI Training / Implementation Pro’s

Hey guys,

I’m doing a bit of background research on MSI at the moment.

We run a reasonably complicated inventory system which is currently configured in a third party inventory management software. A huge percentage of our products are linked to each other. Customers can buy in multiple quantities and a high percentage of purchases will affect the stock levels of another SKU. So our system is basically pinging back and forth via API and keeping all the stock levels correct. We’re on M1 and I did scope out building a custom module to manage this purely in our Magento backend but we decided to go the third party route at that time.

Anyway, one of the big pluses for us of upgrading to M2 would be to be able to configure MSI to some of our needs and possibly drop our inventory system and run it all through a customised MSI setup. That’s my thinking at least, but I need to do more research on it and also speak to someone with deep expertise with it. I’de like to figure out how much customisation would be required and if what I am thinking would even be possible.

A long time ago I read somewhere that the MSI project was born out of a pre-existing warehouse/inventory extension, was that correct? If so does anyone have details of this? I would like to contact that extension developer and ask about our particular requirements and look into a POC.

I’ve read a couple of blog posts:

and there are a fair few posts listed here:

They are all mainly a kind of “overview” whereas I’m trying to find out more specifics.

Could anyone point me in the direction of someone who could possibly help out? Or provide any guidance?

All input is greatly appreciated 🙂


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