Best Scalable ERP with Magento 2?

We have a marketplace eCommerce running on Magento 2. We built that project initially as a prototype to generate some traction to see how things would go. Now it looks very promising that the company decided to invest more in this project and create a separate company for that project.

Because it started as a prototype like I said, everything is a mess right now, most of the process is being done manually, so we thought first things first, we need a powerful and scalable ERP and this is exactly what I am seeking your advice at.

Keypoints about our marketplace business:

– We deal with several partners on a consignment and/or dropshipping basis and every one of them has his own %

– For some products, we have our own stock.

– Partners are located in 5 different countries in the region and each one of them ships to every country in the 5 countries.

– Partners might have multiple locations.

– Every country-to-country has it’s own couriers and its own TAX rules.

– Partners should be able to add their products by themselves (Shall I do this via ERP access or via Magento?)


I am trying to make everyone’s life easier, whether it’s the finance department or the operations team.

Any past experience in that? Advice? Recommendations?

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