Shipping module and approach.

Hello all, This might or not be a magento related question but the my setup is using magento 2.4. Feel free to chip in any ideas or solutions to this intriguing scenario. Or even contacts to look into. How will you consolidate shipping in a marketplace of you are the owner. I am looking at […]

Is save() method deprecated and what would I use instead?

Hi /r/magento In my Observer I’m getting customer like $customer = $observer->getEvent()->getCustomer(); from event <event name=”customer_save_after”> Anyway, later on, I’m using it to save a custom customer attribute like $customerData = $customer->getDataModel(); $customerData->setCustomAttribute(‘customer_number’, $customerNumber); $customer->updateData($customerData); $customer->save(); This works fine but I read that save() method is deprecated. Is that correct and if so, what method […]

PWA Studio vs Vue Storefront vs Theme for Magento 2

I’m building an eCommerce website soon and I’ve chosen to use Magento despite the bad reps online as it suits my use case and I couldn’t find any other open source solutions out there that do what Magento does. However, I’m currently stuck on choosing the frontend framework to use with Magento 2. Especially with […]

Cannot add product to basket when assigned a category

We have recently upgraded to Magento 2.4.2-p1 however the products would not add to cart. I realised that removing the product from any assigned categories it worked. So I recreated all categories and reassigned products to the new (same) categories and all was well. Have come back on this morning and again all products won’t […]

Label extension recommendations

We show a green dot with the words In Stock on all items with a quantity 1 or over. We use the Amasty label extension to do this. The problem is it kills site speed. Attached is what it does to page speed- it increases load time by about 50%. I have reached out […]

Wishlist .counter.qty loads before page is fully loaded (frontend development help)

Hi, I’m trying to make the wishlist the same as the minicart with an icon and the counter qty. Therefore I override Magento_Wishlist/templates/link.phtml like so: <div class=”mywishlist-wrapper link wishlist” data-bind=”scope: ‘wishlist'”> <a <?= /* @noEscape */ $block->getLinkAttributes() ?> class=”mywishlist”> <!– ko if: wishlist().counter –> <span data-bind=”text: wishlist().items.length” class=”counter qty”></span> <!– /ko –> </a> </div> .mywishlist […]

Reviews are matter!

20% of overall sales are driven by reviews and at least one-third of customers report that they won’t buy a product listed with no customer reviews. A Power Reviews study of Amazon online sales states that even a single review (as opposed to none) can increase sales of an item by 65%. For magento store […]

Local Dev Environments

Hi, I have no doubt that this question has been flogged to death, but I am really struggling to get a decent local dev environment running. I’m on a MBP with 8GB RAM, 2.3GHz dual core i5. I have tried Valet, Valet-Plus, and now Warden. I use M2 Cache Clean drop in so I’m not […]

Do you have products that you Do Not want to be available to purchase to specific countries?

We have a smart product hide per country module auto-detects visitor’s GeoIP location and show/hide products based on country restrictions. The module offers simple configurations from back-end which requires no much technical know-how. The well-coded extension performs correspondence with other 3rd party extensions without losing their performance. To use this extension, store admin needs to […]