Magento 2 online courses

Hello ! Do you have any online courses suggestions to learn magento2 infra / tuning aspects ? I would like to know how it works with Elasticsearch , Redis, Nginx and more generally how it works with all the dependencies. submitted by /u/No-Appointment-3446 [link] [comments]

cart items being removed after apple login

Hi we are using this amasty extension for apple login. However when logging in using apple the cart items is being cleared Do any one experience this before? submitted by /u/LingonberryGreedy590 [link] [comments]

Looking for MAGENTO Developers for a project with agency.

Hey guys. I’m a co-founder of a Portuguese digital marketing agency ( We have built small e-commerce before but this one seems to be a job for Magento. If you have the experience to help, send me a text or an email to our website. Place something in the subject like “Magento Reddit dude/gal”. We …

Apply tier pricing discount after other discounts

Hello, my store currently has tier pricing set up for bulk sales. Higher tiers take off a larger percentage from the product’s regular price. Native Magento 2 seems to apply other store discounts, such as product/cart discounts and special prices in an XOR fashion with relation to tier prices. That is, if the tier price …

tier price column on xls file

Hi guys! I am trying to build a file to export and need a tier price column but i get an error because it is an array. How can i do a foreach to get the tier price for my products? Thank you very much submitted by /u/PayStudLoanAndHouse [link] [comments]

Who are the best current Magento hosts?

It is time for me to get off Nexcess, I currently have a ticket submitted over 3.5 hours ago with no response. I do not care about scaling, we are b2b with very consistent traffic. I care about support, who all is out there? submitted by /u/tylerr82 [link] [comments]

PWA themes?

I’m just now learning about Magento 2 PWA themes. Does anyone here have experience and recommendations for any? Specifically looking for reputability, stability, speed, and SEO (Google page ranking) friendliness. submitted by /u/deaddiquette [link] [comments]

Magento 2.4.3 low response network speed on production with Magento PWA

Hi, i’m currently developing a Magento PWA front with a Magento 2.4.3 store on backend. Thing is, when testing on production, and specially Category pages, sometimes the response time of some queries is to high and its making the store very slow. The response time may vary but when its slow, well, its slow. That …