The best mega menu extension for Magento 2 developed with best practices

I am compiling a list of best Mega Menu extensions for Magento 2, ofcourse developed with the best practices. Can you please comment on the one that you want to recommend? I have checked a few demos(frontend and backend) and found two of the below bit better: submitted by /u/MagePsycho [link] [comments]

Magento 2.3 – How to connect Multi-Store to Multi-Source Inventory?

We would like to implement a Multi-Store Implementation where one Store is connected to our Main Warehouse for Online orders while the second store runs our POS system and can only debit stock from our Physical Retail Location’s stock. Is this something that is possible in Magento where we can implement both Multi-Store as well …

Can anyone recommend an advanced import/export extension for M2?

Just started at a new store and wanted to get opinions on the best option for a third-party import/export tool. I have experience with Firebear Advanced Import/Export Module at my last store, but it needed a good bit of customization from the developer in order to work right for our use case. Can anyone recommend …

Free PWA mega menu’s storefront to get familiar with Magento PWA Studio.

Our team at Ubertheme is sharing our work-in-progress PWA Mega Menu’s storefront for free. Since Magento PWA Studio is a relatively new solution, we do hope the pwa mega menu storefront gives you one option to get started and interact with the Magento PWA Studio technology stack. You simply pull the source code of PWA …

Magento Marketplace 500 Internal Server Server

Only recently started developing with M2, so unaware if this is normal. The marketplace has been very buggy the last week and today I’m getting a 500 server error every time I add an extension to the cart, is there a status update on when it will be fixed? submitted by /u/redsy1 [link] [comments]

What do I still need to regenerate static content in developer mode?

I’ve written this blog post to resolve an issue with symlinks and extensions/themes in Magento (mostly for personal reference). But I’d like to know why it’s required to redeploy static content in development mode. I thought that wasn’t necessary? Thanks for any help. submitted by /u/Spect0gram [link] [comments]

Is there an official Magento 1.x Module Development Reference/Documentation?

Hi people, I had been selected recently to manage and improve an ecommerce with Magento 1.9 and they asked me to build several custom attribute modules so I figured how to build the basics about, but in the install of the module, I need to know the constants that I can use in “used_in_forms” because …