Customer Login, Products and Place Order REST APIs for React Native from an existing Magento 2 website.

Hey guys, I have a client who wants an app and I’ll be building it using expo. The problem right now is, they already have a website built on magento 2. The only functionalities that we need are customer log in, fetch products and place the order. I only need the necessary apis for these 3 functions mainly. I’ve tried going their docs but I keep getting “Consumer isn’t authorised to access %resource”. I tried copying the oauth key I found from their database and used it as a token and still I get the same error. I read about a solution where in the magento admin panel, we can set allow anonymous guest users but I feel like that’s bad for the security of the overall application. Would be great if anybody could help or even share relevant materials like videos or blogs on this. Thank you!

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