Help with Warden/Magento2

Hey all, thanks again for all the support this community has shown whlie I get up to speed with Magento2.

I’m working on setting up a dev environment using Warden, and hit my first snag. Haven’t really tried to debug it yet but need to take a break for a while.

Warden install has gone fine, right up until this point:

I just ran: $ warden shell and got connected to the fpm container. Then I get the error below. Running composer to set my keys results in an error- but even more importantly, where do I get the keys? I just want to run the open source edition for now.


www-data@magento-dev-php-fpm:/var/www/html$ composer global config

Changed current directory to /home/www-data/.composer

[RuntimeException] is not defined.

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