How should I set up a multistore to go to a different domain? It seems to be redirecting to the main domain instead.

I have a single website, with one main store, and a second store I just created, which should be associated with a second URL, meaning people would go to to reach the main website, and to reach the other. The end goal here being for them to be basically identical, sharing the same catalog and everything, but with a different currency and locale, and a different theme.

I bought the second domain and set in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Web for it to use the new domain using “Base URLs”, and I had set the A record to point to the website’s public IP (which currently is the same as the domain of the main site, as generated by amazon lightsail), but what’s happening is the new domain is redirecting to the main store, instead of to a separate one.

I’m assuming there is something I’ve done wrong here, but I’m not sure what (I’m not really experienced in Magento yet). This is Magento 2.4.3 by the way.

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