How to connect WordPress Blog to Magento 2 store?

As being a Magento Expert at Neplyn Technologies LLP , I would like to explain how we can connect WordPress blog 2 Magento 2 store through very easy steps. I used to write the blog

on the Magento topics in Neplyn Technologies LLP and I prepared one blog only for this topic and I hope you would like it. I am seeking your appreciation and honest comments on it. It will help you to enhance your skills in the magento platform. Neplyn Technologies LLP is one of the top leading Web and Mobile App development company . As being Best Web and Mobile App development company, We aim to deliver robust world-class B2B & B2C web applications for diverse industries. We have rich expertise in laravel, Node.Js, React.js,Angular.js. Want a custom and logistic web applications?

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