is the elasticsearch dependency ending the future of magento opensource?

Is there someone here deciding on strategy? Because from what I read, there is no future in supporting elasticsearch. Furthermore if adobe does not have some license agreement with elastic, they might even be in breach of the current licensing with their cloud service.

If the adobe team finally realizes this, there is no other option to either discontinue this direction of searching or switch to something like the opensearch fork of amazon. However what I have seen[1] from the opensearch documentation, is that the authorization structure is quite different, and for sure not compatible with magento manuals.

What I do not get is that amazon was already ‘predicting’ this license change of elastic long ago, so why did nobody notice this at adobe? And this seemed to be quite obvious, because the elasticsearch community was already complaining about that development was not directed at the open source version (sort of like what now happens with magento). If you create a dependency on third party software, you expect this to be done on some reliable research and future strategy.

If indeed elasticsearch 7.x is from 2021, then whoever forced this dependency in magento 2.4.2 was just sleeping and totally clueless.

I still do not see anything on the magento website related to this issue, continuing sleeping does not make this problem go away. What is it that you are going to do? Are you going to force people that use magento and take a license with elastic? Is adobe commerce going to start paying licensing fees to elastic for their saas usage of elasticsearch?

You do realize that currently the only supported magento version you offer has a shitty[2] dependency on elasticsearch and therefore only ‘end users’ can legally install and use this. (As if they were already installing magento, because that is so easy).

To force you out of your sleep and start doing something, I thought about posting this here next to cc’ed elastic and opensearch in an email. I assume you do not have a license agreement with elastic for you commerce cloud, because if you did, that means you have abandoned the opensource direction, and did not officially announce this.

And since amazon is also offering magento hosted services, they might be interested in forking the magento project to, so that is why I have included their email addresses as well.

What I liked about magento is that I could customize it as needed. It has never been fast, but for the few things I have, it is sufficient. I also like I am not sending my clients data across the country border. I would like to keep this.

Please answer these questions:

  1. Does the adobe magento cloud service, include a license with elastic? Is there some document/statement that confirms this service is legal?
  2. Do you intend to maintain the dependency on elasticsearch in the magento opensource version?
  3. Are you going to support 2.3 version again, and when? (In case you need more time to think about q 1. and 2.)


just recently familiar with this technology


It looks like your dev team expects users to install elasticsearch and use it without any authentication. Sort of what you saw 15 years ago, install mysql and have the website use root. Putting a httpd service in front of it to authenticate seems even more ridiculous to me since Elasticsearch is already in memory. So what use is putting a httpd in front of it.

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