Issues taking Certification Exam with PSI Exams?

TLDR: PSI Exams broke for me, and their support is GARBAGE, so I used Examity instead, which worked beautifully.

I am so upset right now, I don’t know whether to cry or scream. I had a certification exam scheduled for 12 noon today. I’ve been studying SO HARD for it. I went to the Adobe Certifications site at 11:45 to start, it’s now 12:25, and I still cannot access the PSI exam.

I click “Launch Exam” and go to a page with a spinning AJAX wheel.

Then, it takes me to a page that says

Failed to start check-in process. You may reinitiate the process by clicking the button below. [Reinitiate]

I already downloaded their stupid Browser program and verified everything.

I studied so hard, so long, and now I can’t think straight. Even if I’m able to start the exam I’m so thrown off that I am worried of failing.

Oh — and PSI Support is TRASH. Their phone number puts you on hold for 10 minutes then redirects you to a voicemail. Their helpdesk ticketing system makes you feel like you won’t hear back for days, if ever.

Has anyone had issues like this?!

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