[M2] Disabled Products lead to 500 error – “front controller 100 iterations”

I’m not sure if this is a problem that resulted from our migration, or a third party plugin conflict. When a product is disabled, accessing the URL does not result in the 404, but instead a 500 error with this message (“Front controller reached 100 router match iterations”). Entering any generic bad URL results in 404 just fine. It [only] seems to affect disabled products.

Google points me to solutions such as “change the sortOrder of your router” or “clear the cache lul”. I looked into the sortOrder piece, and any third party plugins seem to be following the rules. The few StackOverflow posts with this issue, to no surprise, have any followup or answer.

Has [anyone] dealt with this? What would be the best point of entry to debug this one? Part of me thinks it’s a module conflict, but without a more specific error I can’t really pinpoint [what] module is throwing a fit. Just start disabling random modules that may affect products?

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