M2: popup for embeded video

The average load time on my site is 6 seconds. Pretty bad. Most competitors are pretty awful so not really worried about this but it’s high enough to be concerned.

When I run reports in Chrome, a few things are slowly the site down. I know combining css and js files will help but one big issue is a video that plays on the homepage. The video is hosted with Vimeo. It connects to Vimeo, loads a Vimeo script.

Is there anyway I can embed this video on a separate url like /welcome-video.html and then have that page POPUP when a play button is clicked? I was thinking like a big “play our video” button on the homepage. That way it’s loading Vimeo resource unless the video is requested.

Most POPUP plugins I see for M2 are like for SALES BANNERS but not this. Can this be done?

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