m2devbox – easily create modules with pre-configured Magento 2 Docker environments

Hi Magento 2 folks,

I have created a CLI tool that helps me starting fully pre-configured Magento 2 setups for local development.
It is called m2devbox and takes care of downloading, installing and configuring Magento 2 inside Docker containers. You can use every Magento 2 version starting from 2.3.4 (released early 2020).

To make things really easy, m2devbox can create a blank new Magento 2 module, start a Magento 2 instance where this module is runnign in and create an .idea directory with a pre-configured PHPStorm project.
When you open this PHPStorm project, it can index the source of the associated Magento 2 version and you can right away start developing your module.

m2devbox is open source and licensed under MPL-v2. See the repo on Github.
I’m actively developing on m2devbox and will add new features in coming weeks. Hopefully it can save you much time as it does for me!

If you got any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment here or in the Github issues. Every feedback is appreciated!

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