Magento 2 product page blank

After adding a product to Magento 2, the URL for the product grouped product page is just a blank white screen. In the browser console it is showing a 500 (Internal Server Error) on the GET for the page’s URL.

Note: The new product was created by duplicating an existing product. Other product pages including the one I duplicated from are working, just not the new one I created.

What might be going on here? I have re-indexed and cleared the cache but no help.

I also tried adding:

ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);


Under the <?php at the top of the index.php file.

After adding those lines I still get a blank white page, but the 500 error is not shown in the console.

Any help would be appreciated!!

EDIT: I just duplicated the same product again as a test an then resaved it. When I visit new duplicated product URL I get a 404 not found. However, I then “enabled” that product and refreshed the page, and I get the same blank white page. Hope this information is helpful to diagnosing what might be going on there. Thanks!

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