Magento 2 Theme Suggestions For Baseball / Softball Retailer

We are a medium-sized team sports retailer (mostly baseball / softball) and we are contemplating a theme change for our Magento 2 sites. We have 5 of them.

  • MGS Tex is our current theme
  • Elasticsearch / Elasticsuite is configured and in use.
  • The catalog is large. Think 150K items+.
  • Many items are configurable (think shoes with size+color)
  • We use Magento 2 EE 2.3.5 on prem.

The hope is to improve out page load times and have a more modern look and feel.

We are considering Has anyone actually implemented it? Can you share your site with us in a DM? Does anyone have any other suggestions for a good theme that meets our needs?

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