Magento Extension Submission Issue

We’ve been trying to submit an extension for Magento 2 for almost 6 months now. We’ve already passed the technical review but we keep on failing the marketing review.

For context, we’re trying to submit an extension that adds additional payment methods for merchants to offer their customers. It is basically an integration with a payment service provider.

The marketing review keeps on flagging us on the Long Description field of the extension submission. However, even though we already followed every inch of the guidelines that was included in their canned feedback, we keep on getting denied and we keep on getting the same feedback without actually pointing exactly what the issue with our extension’s long description is.

This is the feedback we got from the Magento marketing review:

It’s the same feedback we’ve been receiving for the 5th time in a row now and we still don’t know what to change.

Any ideas?

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