Need help please. Experience on average time required per week to manage a Magento shop (as a User)

A friend of mine runs a business manufacturing and selling frozen foods. They currently have a very very simple SaaS system for selling their products. They have expanded and this system is no longer suitable.

I have built them a Magento 2 platform. I tried to keep it simple with minimum modules, but they kept expanding their scope, so they now have a store with 11 modules (some purchased some custom built) which cover forward ordering, delivery management, SMS messaging, special payment gateways, auto emails, related products – all kinds of things. This is all fine and not where I am having an issue.

I am happy to manage the hardware/software but I have a full time job, so I cant manage the day to day management from the admin panel. I have explained to them that they need a member of staff to at least work part time every day managing the system. However they think an hour a week and pulling off their orders is more than enough time. I have given them simple books on using the admin interface and will train them, but they have not looked at this material.

This is where I could do with some help in explaining to them that the system needs time to be managed. They have;

  • 2 shops in 2 languages. Each shop has its own product catalogue with around 400 simple products

  • Over the 2 shops, they expect to process 400 orders a week

  • It is a food business so promotions, stocks, products will be changed fairly frequently

I know its very difficult to give an exact figure, but from your experience, roughly how long each week would they need to commit to maintaining the stores operation from the Admin interface?

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