Open-source React, Next.js storefront for Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce

Hi guys,

After 2 years of work, me and my team are getting ready to release our open-source React, Next.js e-commerce storefront for Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce called GraphCommerce.

GraphCommerce is an open source, headless e-commerce storefront built with React, Next.js and Typescript. It runs on Magento’s GraphQL endpoint.

At this stage we are doing some finalization and working on the docs. We want to give early acces to those interested in – hopefully – a few weeks.

We’re eager to hear your first impressions of the demo store. I’m around to answer any questions you guys might have.



  • Typescript
  • React
  • Next.js
  • Mui
  • Adobe Commerce
  • GraphCMS

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