How to Setup Multiple Magento 2 websites/stores with Nginx?

Magento is so flexible that one instance of it can have multiple websites/stores with different languages, domain names, categories, etc. You can configure the websites, stores, and store views in the Magento Admin. You use the




variables in entry point scripts(index.php), .htaccess or Nginx configuration files(depending upon the webserver you are using) to start the Magento application using these websites or store views.

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Magento 2.3 RMA – shipping labels and email notifications?

I can’t find this in the docs anywere, and I’m afraid that means it doesn’t exist natively. When a customer requests an RMA, is an email sent to the website admin? It seems not.
Also, when the RMA is approved by an admin, can the customer print a shipping label? All I can find on this topic is shipping label integration info for order shipments, but not RMA.

Thank you for your help!

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Magento Developer Certification as a Laravel Developer

I know this depends on the person and their experience, but I was trying to get a rough sense for how long it would take to get up to speed with Magento 2 and certified as someone who has been working with Laravel most recently.

About 8 years ago I worked with Magento 1 for about two and a half years. I worked with heavily customized WordPress projects for a couple years and for the last 3 years I’ve been building and maintaining Laravel applications.

Could an experienced PHP developer get certified in a matter of weeks or would it more likely take months?

I’m not employed at the moment, so I could dedicate full-time learning of Magento 2.

I was looking at purchasing a couple Udemy classes to get up to speed quickly, but if there are other better resources, besides the Magento documentation itself, I would be open to suggestions.

Is Laravel a decent foundation for learning Magento 2? I know Composer was added since I last used Magento, so I’m guessing there are other more modern updates that might be similar? I know the structure is different, but I’m somewhat familiar with the XML structure for modules and themes.

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Magento 2.3.2 not recognizing available memory

I’m running into an issue as I add products to our store where it will get a “failed to allocate memory error”, and in the error it says it’s used up all 756MB of memory trying to allocate an additional 2MB or something, but the server actually has 4GB of memory.

I have a developer I work with and he and I have both edited the php.ini file to increase the memory limit to 4GB, but nothing’s changed. He says there doesn’t appear to be an issue with Magento but rather the sever, but to me it looks like Magento’s not recognizing what’s available on the server. Is there anything I’m overlooking that could fix this quickly (I’m trying to add items to a configurable product but the screen never loads)?

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