Product gallery attribute or category dependency – Magento 2

Hi. Trying to find the most optimal solution for a client of mine and would love some input.

So, they have a SKU number, that is “Unisex”, but they would like to brand it on their page and man/woman. So they need different product galleries, BUT, this would require to make 2 different SKUs or somehow extend so 2 SKUs can share stock.

What they want:
On womens category, to show the images with the woman (or at least show this in the thumbnail and first image on product page)
On mens category:
Show the images with the male model.

My idea is to make Image attribute that’s dependent on attribute
Attribute: Each category needed for this gets and attribute, gender “man” or “woman”.
Then, this can be used on the image gallery with tag “man” “woman” to determine which images are used on which categories

Anyone has other input that could be useful? Or some extension maybe?

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