Recommendations or experience with small scale B2B.

I’m using m2 open source to build a small scale B2B site. It’s not B2B in the sense of wholesaling, more so just the products are industrial, the customers generally buy the case and some customers get better pricing based on overall volume. I need some of the features of B2B extension but don’t have anywhere near the budget for m2 commerce (or need the scale/power).

Generally what I need is group catalog so different customers can be grouped and have pricing based on their group. I’d also like to be able to have some products just for some groups. Ideally company accounts and approvals would be nice too. Some of the functions like requiring login were easy enough to find open source and work well.

I’ve found a few B2B extensions via google. Amasty, BSS, Mageplaza and others seem to offer them and I don’t mind spending money on something good, but does anyone have real world experience with any of the B2B modules they can specifically recommend or just any experience in general for small scale B2B they could share.

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