So Amasty have gone full money grab with their Subscription system

Been off work for Chinese new year, so today was the first time i had seen exactly what has been implemented with this new subscription system. I have used modules from both AheadWorks and Amasty.

As I started on Magento many years ago, I bought modules based upon “Free Lifetime Updates”. I am still alive at this point, but it seems we were all lied to about the free lifetime updates.

Ok, I understand that these companies are a business and as the Magento user base is squeezed by competitors, they need to make money to keep offering their services.

This is where Amasty and Aheadworks diverge.

For AHEADWORKS, i can sign up to a monthly subscription for the updates. I shouldn’t have to pay for updates (see Free Lifetime Updates), but at least here i can pay say $30 per module to get the latest version

Now for AMASTY, they are doing an ANNUAL subscription only per module, at the same cost as the original module cost. That is downright DISHONEST in my opinion and its very shameful what they have done.

Thankfully I am just completing an update cycle, but on my next update cycle I will be removing their modules and replacing them with Aheadworks or other suppliers. I will also not be be recommending anything of theirs when asked.

TLDR; To update your AMASTY module after a 12 month period, you will have to pay the FULL COST OF THE MODULE AGAIN (edit; unless you run a subscription without a break from purchase date then there is some discount). For AHEADWORKS you can sign up for 1 month support to get your upgrade.

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